Art, lets really think about art  for a minute. What does it do to us? Why is it important? What is the process behind art? its purpose? Depending on different aspects, including time and place, art will be express in a complete different way, through a complete different medium, expressing a different idea and finally affecting people who witness the art piece itself.

When I went to Burning Man back in 2011 one of my favourite things to do was to stand right in front some amazing art pieces that were in the middle of the desert. Some of them made me reflect on human evolution, they made me think in a more positive way on where we could be at as a species. I could tell that some of those installations made people around them curious, happier, triggered making their day more valuable.

At burn events art becomes a participatory shared experience and is an invaluable opportunity for a creative artist to let his or her work to be in contact with a more open audience.

Morris Gabo

Art Gran Team Lead

for BBB 2018


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Hello beautiful beings, BBB being inspired by Burning Man also supports the creation of art in our community, and we are offering a limited number of financial grants for those who are looking to create a participatory, interactive shared experience with the rest of us at BBB 2018. We encourage you to please fill the art grant from by clicking in the link

Please notice that in order to consider your application you must send us the form before the deadline April 5th, 2018. Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon!

Anuncio de subvención de arte para el BBB 2018

Saludos a todos seres fantásticos! BBB siendo un evento inspirado en Burning Man también quiere dar apoyo a la creación artística en nuestra comunidad y para ello estamos dando un número limitado de becas artísticas con ayuda económica. Para aquellos que sientan el llamado de compartir una experiencia participativa, interactiva con el resto de nosotros; les motivamos a que compartan sus ideas llenando el siguiente formulario:

por favor tomar en cuenta que para poder considerar tu aportación debes de mandar el formulario antes de la fecha limite el 5 de Abril del 2018.

Muchas gracias! esperamos escuchar vuestras propuestas pronto!