The 10 Principles

The 10 Principles

Radical Inclusion – Inclusión Total

All are welcome to join!

Gifting – El Dar y Compartir

Give a gift, graciously take a gift, anything can be a gift.

Decommodification – No Comercialización

No brands or brand promotion, we are all our individual creators.

Radical Self-Reliance – Autosuficiencia Total

Discover yourself, rely on yourself, find your inner resources

Community – Comunidad

Effort, Cooperation &  Collaboration.

Radical Self-Expression – Libertad Total de Expresión

Be the best of yourself,  express your individuality.

Leave No Trace – No Dejar Rastro

Bring it in, bring it out.

Civic Responsibility – Responsabilidad Cívica

In our special space, we still respect the laws of the world outside.

Participation – Participación

Join in and help make it happen, everyone helps make the event.

Immediacy – Inmediatez, Vivir el Momento

Experience the immediate, live in the NOW.