Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Any thing you bring leaves with you.

This is one of the most important principles to follow during BBB. The site should be left just as it was found.

Upon arrival at BBB you will be given colored bags for recycling and rubbish. While on site you should use these bags for your trash, including cans and bottles. These will be your personal responsibility to dispose of when you leave.

There will be two opportunities during BBB for you to send your recycling into Alcover with the Kitchen trash run. The van will leave at 15:00 Friday and 11:30am Saturday. If you want to send bags to town make sure that trash is correctly sorted into the coloured bags. Cans and bottles should be emptied, so as not to drip. Also no cigarette butts in anything but general waste.

Please take your personal trash with you. There are many recycling points in Alcover where you can leave the trash. Please do not leave it piled up on the side of the road if a recycling point is full. Take it to the next one.

We will have a compost hole on site for your organics.

Sunday morning will be a time for fun, sunshine, friendly faces as well as a time dedicated to ensuring the site is as it was when we arrived. Sunday after breakfast is the beginning of strike. More hands make the load lighter! Please take a load of trash out with you when you leave site.


If you have just a few small bags of trash/ recyclables, you can deposit them at any of the 6 recycling points in Alcover, they look like metal aluminum cylinders.

Please remember to be considerate of the locals living in Alcover – If the recycle bin is almost full please do not fill it up or overload it with your trash, and do not leave bags of trash outside of the cans – just go find another recycling spot a few hundred meters down the road.

In case you have bulky recycling materials that won’t fit the tiny cans you see in the picture, please use the only one recycling point in the entire area, conveniently located in Alcover – Google Maps directions bit.ly/alcoverrecycling

The address is: Deixalleria – Camí Vell del Mas de Gomis, no number (next to the Camp Municipal d’Esports / Football Field). Keep in mind that the Deixalleria/Punto Limpio/Recycling Point in Alcover is open only Monday-Friday 3PM-7PM, and Saturdays 9AM-1PM. Sundays closed. For more info call them +34 977 460 441.

Worst case scenario, if you leave the BBB premises at the end of Sunday and the recycling points are full, please consider NOT to drop your trash in Alcover, and leave it at the first trash/recycle area you will find on your way home: plenty of those in Valls, Reus, Tarragona, Barcelona and Lleida. Here is the list of all “puntos limpios” in Spain with contact numbers But remember most will be closed on Sunday http://bit.ly/BBB-puntoslimpios RECYC