Heroes, Medic Service & Welfare

HEROES At BBB there are Heroes (like YOU) present to help you deal with any problems or emergencies! You will see them walking around the event wearing a Hero cape. Don’t hesitate to approach them when you need their help!

There will also be a Medic Service and a Welfare room. All this to provide a SAFE SPACE for all of us to thrive in! We need YOU to sign up for a safety shift such as HERO or WELL-FAIRY to help hold the safe space for everyone:

If you are one of the amazing people who have signed up to be a Hero, please read this document.

HEROES & WELLFAIRIES: there will be two trainings on site that you should attend. Wednesday 18:00 and Thursday 15:00


BBB will have a medic service on site to deal with health emergencies. It is a contracted service, not a participant-run service, so please be mindful when interacting with the medics. They might not understand our sense of humor 😉 If you have a pre-existing condition, bring all meds that you might need, and go visit the medic upon arrival to explain your condition. If you have an emergency and need a translator in order to use the medic service, let us know and we will find one for you!


The Welfare space is there to provide a safe space to unwind, find a friendly listening ear, have a cup of tea whilst talking through a problem, or any other circumstance which asks for a safe environment. Well-Fairies will be on shift ready to support you 24hrs a day!

Site phone is +(34) 671121223 use it for emergencies to get in touch with the BBB site lead.

For other emergencies non-event-related, dial 112 to reach Spanish authorities.