Participate & Co-Create

Participate & Co-Create

Participation taken to the extreme

One of the Burning Man 11 Principles is PARTICIPATION. What it means is that every person attending the event is encouraged to help make the event happen. Whichever way you want to contribute to the event is up to you, ideally you want to sign up beforehand to a shift, workshop creation, art installition, or else (see list below).

However, IMMEDIACY is another principle so during the event you’re also more than welcome to spontaneously help for any task, create art, or perform.

Note that none of the performers or artists are paid. There are art grants one can apply for in order to support the co-creators though (see list below).

Program for BBB 2019

Closer to the event we will share the co-created events, workshops, performances, art installations, DJ line-up…


♡ Please SIGN UP! ♡

As you know, BBB is a co-created event, meaning that everyone’s participation is needed to make it the best experience possible.

  1. For this we ask everyone to sign up for at least 2 shifts on the following page (BBB 2019).
  2. If you are interested to sign up for the Welfare Enough fill in the form on this page (BBB 2019).
  3. If you sign up for the set up (30/4) you have to come a day before the event officially starts, and if you sign up for the strike you have to stay until Monday (6/5). Only people that sign up for these shifts are allowed on site before or after the event.
  4. If you sign up to shifts and then resell your registration to someone else, make sure you also transfer the shifts you signed up for to that person! How to do this: go to the relevant form you used to sign up for a shift (see point 1 & 2 above), access your shift info & forward this to the person you sold your registration to.


Apply to express your creativity urges

“Why apply?” should you say. In order to best express your talent and possibly get help from the community. More details in the forms below.

A word by our Art Grant Team Lead

Art, lets really think about art  for a minute. What does it do to us? Why is it important? What is the process behind art? its purpose? Depending on different aspects, including time and place, art will be express in a complete different way, through a complete different medium, expressing a different idea and finally affecting people who witness the art piece itself.

When I went to Burning Man back in 2011 one of my favourite things to do was to stand right in front some amazing art pieces that were in the middle of the desert. Some of them made me reflect on human evolution, they made me think in a more positive way on where we could be at as a species. I could tell that some of those installations made people around them curious, happier, triggered making their day more valuable.

At burn events art becomes a participatory shared experience and is an invaluable opportunity for a creative artist to let his or her work to be in contact with a more open audience.

Morris Gabo

Art Gran Team Lead

HexxaRing, by Deif – at BBB 2018

Dancefloor @ BBB 2017

Workshops Program @ BBB 2017

BBB 2018 Live Music & Cabaret Performances